About Us

For as long as I can remember, I have always been intrigued by vintage and antique items but mainly the "story" behind them. 

As a young child, we spent many summers at our MawMaw's house in North Louisiana—a small town called Winnfield. Although my grandmother didn't have much, her home was so rich with treasures from the past...a pedal Singer sewing machine on the back porch and a cistern on the side of the house to name a few. The quilt room was lined with shelves of her handmade quilts usually crafted from old flour sacks. There was also a huge, old, steamer trunk housed in the main hallway and filled to the brim with every correspondence to the family as far back as 1800 and WWII letters as well! And oh, how those stamps drew me into hours of reading such beautifully handwritten letters and telegrams!  

Back at home, I spent many hours digging up old bottles found in our backyard—remnants of the burn area from a former plantation home. I must credit my daddy who instilled and taught us the importance of "saving money." Growing up after the Depression taught them to buy on sale rather than "full price." We were "thrifting" and didn't even know it! 

My husband and I married young and life was good for us. We both worked hard, saved money and developed a love for spending time "thrifting" together at garage sales and antique auctions. Well into my career and once my children were grown, I became good friends with a sweet antique store owner. She encouraged and mentored me to develop my love for vintage and antique treasures to turn my hobby into a resale business. 

In 2020, my husband and I purchased an old building and with the help of consignors, we filled the building with vintage and antique treasures. Our business has grown to include estate and downsizing sales as well. The task of liquidating an estate and/or downsizing years of treasure can be overwhelming which is why we work hard to minimize the stress and maximize earnings for our clients and/or their heirs. 

Today as we enter a new era, we have become a society that loves to shop online. Hence, our online store is born. We're thrilled to bring both online and in person shopping to you. Thank you to all our valued clients for your help to turn our passion into a reality. We hope you enjoy!